Friday, October 12, 2012

Losing it...

It's been a while since I last wrote about what's happening at my end of the World - thankfully not because I have nothing to report but because I've been busy. What's happened to me last night is something we (photographers) all fear of, so I want to share my story because while the photo on the bottom is pretty; I treasure it even more because of the story around it.

Being a real estate photographer from Monday to Friday in Sydney's Northern Beaches gives me plenty of beautiful views, but it's not often that the time and light is just right, we have dramatic clouds, some lightning, some sparkle... Well, I've had it all last night and my heart skipped a beat when I was able to catch the lightning behind the city skyline which created an amazing backdrop light on the clouds. My client was just as excited as me, she even shouted me dinner! I thought I better take the card out before i go to the restaurant and put it in a safe place because if someone will break into the car it will happen tonight; when I took the perfect shot. Great idea, right?

Now, imagine how I felt when I was about to download and back up my files and couldn't find the memory card... Yes. My heart skipped more than one beat! Let me tell you; it's no fun to scoot around with a tiny torch in and around the car and on the streets at 11pm. All my efforts seemed pointless because the card was nowhere to be found. I didn't sleep much last night. It was one of those moments that wedding photographers must feel often: if I don't get it right now, it's a moment never to come back.

The mad rush for finding the card continued in the morning and I'm glad to say that it appeared from the bottom of my laptop sleeve (don't ask me why I put it there the first place.. I must have thought there's less of a chance someone will steal my laptop than the camera??? Smart.)

All in all, I look back and can't help but laugh at it all, I guess looking at this shot makes you understand why. :)

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